A new village has sprung up in the land of East and West with 24 eager hyoomans.

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  1. Read the documentation (after I write it, ha) on how strategies need to be written in, and for what kinds of logic is allowed.
  2. Study these 8 basic strategies for ideas, hints, etc. You can even cut and paste any of those strategies right into here and use that as a base to play around with.
  3. Ask questions in the forums until better documentation is available.
Name: East and West
Size: 2 by 1
Memory: 10 turns
Turns in this game: 10
Interactions per turn: 10
Max population: 100
Max pop/square: 100
Scoring: 0: 1.0, 1: -2.0, 2: 3.0, 3: -1.0